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LATEST RELEASE: Key West With A Twist

Key West Conch~troversial

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Key West Conch~troversialKey West Conch~troversial is a collection of what's usually considered politically incorrect on the mainland but is indigenous and acceptable to the people of Key West.

Sexual preferences, politics, art, music, dress codes, occupations and morality are all in play during this CD.

The Big Keyzee collection The Big Keyzee Collection has taken your favorite songs off my last 4 CD's, added four new tunes and consolidated them into a kick ass collection of Love, Laughter, Country and Family in the Florida Keys. The USA is really feeling the economic CRUNCH. So, as long as you still want to buy my music, I'll make it as easy as possible for you to experience the Keys through my sometimes blurry eyes. Welcome to "The Big Keyzee"

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Yes Dear

In this collection, you will find the tongue-in-cheek comedy songs you are familiar with, written (of course) with my usual restraint and satirical eloquence.

I have also been writing about issues that are currently on all our minds: the economy, the environment, divorce and aging.

At the end of each CD, especially as I grow older, I always wonder if this will be my last. After 46 years of making the music that I love, I have no regrets, I love what I do.

This CD is written with love and appreciation for all the people who have allowed me to make my living this way. Thank you. I hope, as always, that this is my best...So far.

A special appreciation to my daughter, Adrianne, my granddaughter, Elisabeth, my wife, Kate, for their help and support, and Jimmy Kenny and Jim (Dad) Kenny for their graphic excellence.

Yankee Jack Live In Key West This CD is long overdue. It was recorded entirely LIVE at the Bull and Whistle Bar on Duval Street in Key West, FL. It features 25 of your most requested Yankee Jack originals. Many thanks to the crew from Wildwood, New Jersey for pushing me into this project, and to you, the audience. It is you that inspires the new songs and bad jokes. As long as you keep showing up, I'll keep playing.

Thank You and enjoy,
Yankee Jack

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Just Chillin Can you believe it? This is my 5th Key West CD I have been, “Just Chillin” in the Keys since 1989. Every couple of years I feel the urge to shout about it. I love my life on this little island, and this new labor of love. “Just Chillin”, is my most recent chapter. This trip I've added two great songs, written by true KW icons, Shel Silverstein, “You're there” and Two of a kind”, by Pat Dailey. They're comic genius supplements my collection of deviant behavior very nicely. .I hope this medley of words and music gives you a flavor of Key West that will stay with you through the long winter nights and bring you running back here at every opportunity.

Beaches and Bitches Yankee Jack, the biggest entertainer in Key West is proud to present his CD, Beaches & Bitches. It's an eclectic view of life in the Keys, bound to bring a smile, a tear, or a rash.


  • I Must Be a Lesbian
  • The're Ain't Enough Whiskey In Tennessee to
  • Drink the Ugly Off Of You
  • Three-Minute Romance

  • Divorce in the Key of West After 22 years of marital bliss, my wonderful wife turned into a Psycho Bitch! She promptly cut her hair, started watching Susan Power videos and began running around with guys younger than my underwear. She became a total stranger, and one day she just took the kids and left. This album is a direct reflection of my pain, my tears, my anger, my frustration, and my love ....


  • I Can't Get Over You As Long As You're Still Under Him
  • She's Never Hugged A Parakeet But She's Kissed A Cockatoo
  • Tight Butts Drive Her Nutts

  • Keys Breeze & Manatees Is dedicated to my bride, Kate, My "Lady Kathryn of Wales". For Her, I penned the songs Internet (how we met) and Today (our wedding day).

    A Special Thanks to The Rubber Tramps. They are the men and women from all over the world, who come to Key West during the winter months and live in their vehicles. They had a great deal to do with my frame of mind, sharing their tiny piece of the beach, their food , drink, their wisdom and kindness. Cajun Bob, Lenny, Father Terry, Gilles, Derrick, Carol and Tomato Eddy.

    My old friend, Mike Frogg, did all the guitar work. My new friend, Francois, engineered the whole project. Cookie played Harp, and Fritz was there throughout.


  • Manatee Woman
  • Interface
  • Mellon-Collie Sister

  • The Key West Serenade So many people fall in love with this remote Island Paradise called Key West. The tropical breezes, the music, the sunsets and the night life beckons many an unsuspecting tourist to wake up and smell the Cuban Coffee.

    Caution- This Album may cause you to drop everything and become a full blown Conch.


  • Booze Bodies and Beaches
  • Sun On The Water
  • The Key West Serenade

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    Reflections of Yankee Jack

    I've just turned 55 and I've been in Key West for 17 years.

    I'm sitting back in a floating chair looking out on the Gulf of Mexico reflecting on a life with few regrets.

    I've loved and lost and found love again. I have two loving daughters and I'm a grandpa (Papa Jack).

    I'm not a musical superstar and I never was a great fisherman, but as I float here and reflect on what some folks might consider mediocrity, I find solace in the fact that I've always done what I wanted to do. I've always loved my work.

    I have documented my life along the way in song and this is a look into my past, hence, REFLECTIONS.

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    Full Of Bull

    Yankee Jack performs daily at The Bull, a pleasant, Key West, open air bar, teaming with decades of tradition. Jimmy Buffett was a regular performer there in the 70's. The tradition lives on as Jack's original compositions flow out onto the streets of Key West. His songs are very popular, highly coveted, and a bit irreverent. They speak of all aspects of this unique island paradise.

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