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The Best Of Yankee Jack

        • Manatee Woman
        • I Can't Get Over You As Long As You Are Still Under Him
        • There Ain't Enough Whiskey in Tennessee To Drink The Ugly Off of you
        • Botox Bimbo Listen
        • She's Never Hugged A Parakeet But She's Kissed A Cockatoo
        • I Must be a Lesbian
        • Interface
        • Free-Boob-In-It
        • Are You Deaf or Stupid
        • Tight Butts Drive Her Nuts
        • Sex Between the Bushes (Bill Clinton's Song)
        • Beauty is just a Light Switch Away Listen
        • Hot Flash
        • Melon-Collie Sister
        • Just Chillin'
        • You've Got Nothing At All But Shit Between Your Ears
        • Booze, Bodies and Beaches
        • Those Son of a Bitchin-Pocket-Pickin Damn Utilities
        • Give Me Some Space
        • That Bitch
        • Gaelic and Garlic
        • Boca Raton
        • Sun on the Water
        • Three Minute Romance
        • The Duration

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